A downloadable experience for Windows

Just run dist/grifsadvent.exe and go!

This game was made using python and some Natural Language jiggery-pokery.

The input data was a downloaded archive of all the tweets I could assemble from the MBMBAM_wisdom account and the brothers.

If, someday, transcripts of the episodes exist, then that would be even better, but alas, we can only dream.

If a sentence doesn't make sense, that's probably because it was written by an AI (no foolin')! This AI was meant to learn to

talk in a way that mimics the brothers' (and MBMBAM_wisdom's) Twitter presence.

If you have any questions, my meail is in the README

Play multiple times for MAXIMUM REPLAY VALUE

This game is fundamentally broken, and I make no promises.

Install instructions

Just run dist/grifsadvent.exe.

If nothing pops up, then try running it from the command line.